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How to create a Task for Approvals

How to Request an Approval

You can create an approval request at any time by following these steps from the task sidebar or it can be added via flow elements from the Workflow setting page 

  • Navigate to the Add task option in either your personal board or a specific Project/Team.
  • Create a task and fill out all necessary information on the Task Sidebar, including the description of the task, any relevant attachments and save.
  • Open the task you’ve created
  • Click on the approval icon situated within the settings gear icon on the task sidebar.
  • Upon clicking the approval button, an approval icon will be appear on the top of the task assignment details, as highlighted below:
  • Assign the task to the Approver using the assignment dropdowns, it can either be a specific project/team or you can assign it directly to a user, as highlighted below in the image:
  • Then, mark the task as complete and forward to proceed to the approver, (as highlighted below in the image):
  • Wait for the approver(s) to access the approval task and make a decision on the approval task.

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