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Task Reminders

Some important information on Reminders:

  • Anyone with access to the task, including followers, can set reminders. Two types of reminders are available using the task sidebar: dynamic and fixed.
  • If a follower is removed from a task, the reminder remains, but the removed user loses access to the task and the reminder.
  • When a new account is created, the default reminder time is automatically set to 9 am. If you want to change this default reminder time, you can do so by visiting the user profile page, as highlighted below:
  • If the due date of a task with attached reminders is changed to “no due date,” this action removes the dynamic reminders, but keeps the custom ones.

What is a dynamic reminder?

  • A dynamic reminder can be set for tasks that have not yet passed their due date. 
  • You can set the reminder for the task’s due date or a selected number of days before, but not past the current due date. These two options have been highlighted in the below image:
  • Upon saving a future reminder, an in-app notification will appear on the reminder date at 9 am, or at your preferred time specified in your user profile settings.
  • The reminder notification will appear as a blue icon. To view it, click on the notification icon on the top right corner of the application and then on the blue-highlighted reminder notification, as shown below in the image:
  • Clicking the blue-highlighted reminder notification opens a reminder page, allowing you to view past reminders and access the task sidebar easily
  • A dynamic reminder will be displayed in the reminder pop-up with an electric symbol as shown below in the image:
  • Once the task due date has passed, these reminders will no longer be visible on the Reminders page. However, all upcoming reminders will still appear on the common page.

How to edit an existing reminder 

  • To edit an existing reminder, you can only adjust the time; the date tab will be disabled. However, the date can be automatically adjusted based on changes made to the task’s future due date.
  • A dynamic reminder will also be removed if the task’s due date is changed to an earlier date.
  • You can set up unlimited reminders, but only the top four will be displayed in the reminder pop-up. A scroll option will be available to view the remaining reminders.

Custom Reminders:

A custom reminder can be created by choosing the “Custom” option in the add reminder icon. These reminders will be visible for up to the past seven days on the common reminders page, after which they will be automatically removed.

  • To set a reminder, click on the reminder icon and choose the “custom” option located at the bottom left corner of the reminder pop-up.  
  • When selecting the custom option, a calendar pop-up will appear, enabling the user to schedule a reminder for the task on a future date.
  • Once you’ve chosen a date, you’ll be prompted to select a time on that same date, as demonstrated below:

To edit an already created reminder, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the reminder icon.
  • Locate the existing reminder that you want to edit
  • Click on the reminder to access and edit it
  • Hit save once you have edited the reminder.

To add additional reminders, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the blue highlighted reminder icon located in the task sidebar, as shown below in the image:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the reminder pop-up window and click on the “add reminder” button as shown below in the image:

  • Newly added reminder will appear in the reminder pop-up window, as shown below in the image:


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