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Profile Preferences

How to update your personal details?

Clicking the User Profile icon will automatically take you to the Profile Preferences page, displaying your application name, email, job title, task code, and manager’s name all seamlessly fetched from your user profile during account setup.

You can update any of these fields if they weren’t selected during account setup and can also remove or update your profile image.

By default, the login method chosen during account creation will be activated and highlighted with a green border, but you can activate the other login type as well.

Take Quick Tour:

You can explore the application using the “Take Quick Tour” option found in the user profile pop-up located just under the user image.

Login Types:

You can activate or deactivate any login type and reset your User ID password, using the below highlighted option:

Alternatively, the admin can also make changes with your login type settings from the admin console page.

Time Zone:

You can select the time zone using either the current location icon or the time zone dropdown menus as highlighted in the below image:

Default Reminder Time:

You can set the task default reminder time using this option. If you set up a future reminder, you can choose the reminder’s specific time here, as highlighted below in the image:

Step 1

A user generates a ticket and includes an approval for the HR team to seek approval for the details submitted in the task. After adding the initial approval, user adds another approval for the finance team so that the money is reimbursed by the final approver.

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