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Personal Project Workflow:

  • You can add Workflows to your personal project or board by selecting the “Add Workflow” button however the page already includes a default Workflow upon account creation.

  • Your personal projects will have two privacy settings: shared and restricted.

  • The default Workflow privacy is set to shared by default and cannot be changed if it’s the only workflow in your personal project. This ensures that all organization members can view your personal Workflow in Collab Central for easy task creation.

  • Additional workflows in your personal projects default to “Restricted” privacy, but you can switch from “Restricted” to “Shared” via the info icon or directly from the workflow settings page, as shown below in the image:

  • You can activate email-based task creation for your personal workflows on the workflow settings page, shown by an icon when hovering over the workflow, as shown below in the image:

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