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Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding with Drutas:

Here’s a use case scenario for the onboarding process of a company using the Drutas application. 

Pre Conditions:

  • The HR Manager has access to the Drutas application to log an automated onboarding request.
  • The new employee has been selected and their details are available in the system.


  • The HR manager intends to centralize a new employee onboarding requests into a unified task that can be allocated to the different teams participating in the process.
  • Besides the HR responsibilities, the IT and finance departments are also integral participants in this process; without their involvement, the task cannot be successfully accomplished.
  • The HR Manager or any team member logs into the Drutas application and creates an onboarding workflow.
  • In the workflow, the HR Manager adds the HR team as the initial step, where onboarding tasks will be started.
  • The HR Manager then adds the IT team to the workflow, specifying that their involvement is required after HR tasks.
  • Lastly, the HR Manager adds the Finance Team to the workflow, indicating that they will manage the final steps.

Workflow Automation:

  • The HR Manager creates the onboarding workflow, and the initial onboarding tasks are assigned to the HR team.
  • When HR tasks are marked as completed, the workflow automatically advances to the IT team, and IT-related tasks are initiated.
  • The IT team reviews and approves the technical requirements.
  • When IT tasks are marked as completed, the workflow automatically proceeds to the Finance Team, where financial tasks and approvals are managed.
  • The Finance Team finishes their tasks, officially marking the task as successfully completed.

Exceptional Flow:

  • If any task is delayed or not completed, the Drutas application sends automated reminders to the responsible parties until the task is fulfilled. (Coming Soon)
  • The workflow can be customized to include additional steps or teams as needed for specific onboarding requirements.
  • This use case scenario demonstrates how the Drutas application enables the HR Manager to set up a streamlined and automated onboarding workflow, facilitating efficient coordination between HR, IT, and Finance teams to ensure a successful employee onboarding process.
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