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Scenario 2

IT Ticket Management with Drutas:

This use case scenario illustrates how the Drutas application streamlines the IT request management process, ensuring efficient communication and resolution between employees and the IT Support Team while maintaining a comprehensive record of all IT requests.


  • Employees and IT Support Team have access to the Drutas application.


  • An employee encounters a technical issue or IT-related request (e.g., software installation, hardware repair) and logs into the Drutas application.
  • The employee submits a new IT request, providing details such as the nature of the issue, urgency, and any relevant attachments or screenshots
  • Upon submission, the Drutas application automatically assigns a unique ticket number to the request and sends an acknowledgment to the employee, confirming receipt
  • Throughout the process, the Drutas application logs all interactions, updates, and resolutions related to the IT request in the activity log of the task.
  • Once the issue is resolved, the employee receives a notification informing them that their IT request has been resolved.


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