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Cloud Storage

Space Utilization 

Drutas Admins can now view space utilization for each user and project on the Cloud Storage page. This includes all attachments added by users in specific projects or teams, whether uploaded on a ticket or added in the comment section.

Each organization is initially allocated a total of 40GB of space. Document, Video & Photos, and other files act as filters. Clicking on any of these will display only the selected type of document. Clicking again will deselect it, restoring the normal view. The selected filter will be indicated by a highlighted outer border around the tile.

The Cloud Storage page in the admin console provides details on both user and project storage, including documents, videos/photos, and other file types, as shown below in the image. 
To check storage, you can search and switch between projects and users by clicking the search user icon, which allows you to toggle between user and project storage, shown below in the image:
When you search for a user or a project, a grid will display details of the document, including the uploaded file name, date, Task ID, user name, project, and file size.

You can also click on the task ID to open the task details if you have access to the task. You can delete attachments from tasks using the delete icon on hover, but if the task is locked, the attachment cannot be deleted.

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