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Multiple Organizations

Effortless Organization Management in Drutas:


An organization on Drutas connects all employees in a single cohesive space. Within an organization, you can create Workspaces, each enabling you to establish teams for effective task collaboration. This structure enables streamlined management across all levels of your business operations.

Multiple Organizations:

If you manage multiple businesses and seek an efficient way to oversee them from a single platform, Drutas’ multiple organization feature enables management across different businesses using a single email login, facilitating seamless oversight without the inconvenience of multiple logins.

How to create Multiple Organizations?

After creating your initial organization, you can add more as needed. On the sign-up page, enter the new organization’s name and the same email address used for the first organization. Follow the registration and verification steps. 

The organization name you enter will be used to create a unique URL specifically for your organization. For example, if you enter the name “ABC,” a URL such as abc.drutas.com will be generated. This unique URL allows you to quickly access your organization’s dashboard.

How to access Multiple organizations

To access multiple organizations, use the email and password you used during their creation on the login page. After authentication, you’ll see a list of all your organizations under a single login. Clicking on each organization directs you to a unique URL, enabling seamless switching between them without needing separate logins, enhancing management efficiency and convenience.

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