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Project features

Features of Project:

Creating a project will help you plan, organize, and manage your team’s work, from start to finish.


  • You can create unlimited projects and any number of members can be part of the project as collaborators or owners.
  • By default you become the owner of the project and a default project gets created upon project creation as shown below in the image:

  • A project will be created under any team, by default only those teams will be seen where you’ve been added as a member when creating a project as shown below in the image:

  • A project owner can add other project members as owners or collaborators by using the members tab as shown below in the image:


You can bookmark the project using the bookmark button on the left side of the project settings sidebar and the bookmarked project will appear on the left side of the application as shown in the below images respectively :

Unique Code:

When a task is created within a project, the project code will be identified at the top of the task as shown below in the image:


Workflows automate the set of rules that must be followed for a specific type of task. The rules provide a streamlined method for automating common tasks or creating templates for work within a company or team.

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