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Project Features

  • You can create unlimited projects and any number of members can be part of the project as collaborators and owners. By default a members gets added as a collaborator
  • You can create projects under a team. By default only those teams will be shown where you’ve been added as a member
  • A team of members can be created prior to creating a project and that team can be assigned to any other project.
  • A default project gets created while creating a new team, you can add owners to the team and to the default project 
  • Owner(s) of the project can add other members to project as owners as well as collaborators
  • Project(s) created will be reflected under all projects
  • A project can have any number of tasks which can be seen by all project members, project owners and followers
  • All projects will be associated with a Project Code which is used to identify the tasks of the project
  • A task created under a project, will define the project code on the top of a Task created
  • Project owners can view active/inactive/all projects on the same page
  • Search bar can be used to search a specific project in the list.
  • You can place columns for the projects as per your own choice. By default Project name column will be pre selected:
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