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How to create a project

How to add a project:

  • click on the add project button
  • Add the project name and select team
  • Set up the settings page and add members to the project (A default settings, panel page will be set up automatically)

What will default settings be like:

  • External assignment – you can either choose to delegate or to pass on the task as default setting for the project 
  • Default view – you can choose (3) different type of views to make it a default view for the project 
  • Task priority – you can set the default priority for the project
  • Task due date – you can choose the default due date for the project
  • Archive task – you can choose to archive task in days you want to archive it
  • Default tags – tags can be added as a default tag for a project using this option

What will panel settings be like

You can turn off the following panel settings for a project as by default all the toggle buttons will be turned on:

  • Mask as complete
  • Description
  • Linked Task
  • Activity Log
  • Attachments
  • Comments

How to edit a project (project settings tab)

You can edit the following options under the project setting:

  • Project Name
  • Project Code
  • Team Name
  • Privacy 
  • Status of the project
  • Default view: in which format is the view selected
  • Start date/End date
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