Release Notes

V2.9, 14 Sep 2022

>> Approvals (Phase-I) – Task level approvals can now be taken on tasks. It allows seeking task level approvals where approvers can review, leave comments and approve or reject the approval request

>> Pinning of Tasks (Phase-I) – Task pinning feature allows a user to pin a task in the Task Grid for “my tasks” and “projects”. Pinned tasks can be sorted as required. This feature allows users to prioritize their work as per their availability

>> Users can now create Linked and Sub-Tasks even when the task is newly created. There is no limit to the number and multiple tasks can be linked and new subtasks can also be added

>> UI improvements 

(a) Auto resizing of description, auto save of description text
(b) Pop out toolbar for easy creation and editing of hyperlinks

V2.8, 03 Aug 2022

>> Description text pop out feature enabled. It allows easy editing of task description with a full screen writing area and auto save feature.

>> New setting for the default mode of passing tasks between Projects has been enabled at Project level. Project owners can now choose how tasks are transitioned between projects

>> Enhancements in Cloning of tasks

>> Reduced the number of Notifications for all users. These are now set up differently for task assignee and followers

V2.7, 19 July 2022

>> UI Improvement (Project Dashboard Icons).

>> Overall search feature Enhancement.

>> Activity log improvement (Linked and Sub-Task).

>> Nudge features enhancement

V2.6, 01 July 2022

>> Search Functionality enhancement
>> Add Attachment enhancement in a Task

(a) File Size
(b) Delete confirmation

>> Comment section enhancement – automatic addition of users as
followers on name tagging.

>> Linked Task enhancement

(a) Drag and Drop functionality
(b) UI improvements
(c) Conversion of sub task to child task for better flexibility in Task management

V2.5, 14 Jun 2022

>> Activity log of Project Dashboard to be registered
>> Improvement of Task Sidebar if the user is a part of multiple projects
>> Follower feature enhancement
>> Overall UI improvement