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  • You can create a workspace for the organization
  • A workspace can consist of multiple teams & each workspace gets assigned with a default team upon its creation
  • Members of a workspace can work collaboratively and create teams to work upon 
  • Workspace can be categorized into 4-5 categories if needed to be like HR, QA operations, Project Management and Accounts etc
  • Multiple workspaces can be created as per the organization’s need
  • If you’re a member of a team, you will automatically become a member of the workspace that is part of the same project
  • You need to be a member of a workspace so you can assign a task to any team in the workspace but cannot directly access the other teams unless you’re a member of the team 
  • The total number of workspaces as well as the total number of teams are also visible on this dashboard
  • Workspaces can be searched using the search tab
  • Workspaces can be marked as a primary or a secondary one according to the requirement level


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