The platform keep teams aligned with clear task tracking, real time notifications and limitless opportunities to handle projects.


The platform lets us delegates the task within the project privately, without letting any one know about it. 

User Centric

We understand the intent of task management for your business and we made thoughtful and a user-friendly platform.


If you’ve a promising idea, we can make it a success


Approval Process in Drutas allow users/project admins to take steps for a record to be approved/rejected

Dashboards & Charts

Dashboards consists of description and stream that allow users to post messages and reactions

Ticket Management

The platform keep teams aligned with clear task tracking, real time notifications and limitless opportunities to handle projects.

Task Hierarchy

Gives your team the information and support they need with the tasks created on one platform


It gives you the ability to calculate time taken for each task across projects as well as based on each resource

Recurring Task

Allow users to create repeated tasks and receive notification when a task has been marked as completed

Team Building

Together we can make the world more effectual


We help convert your ideas into reality

Drutas was not discovered, it was born, brought up and nurtured. We felt that the current solutions in the market all have a downfall & have features that are not practically used by everyone. We wanted to create an application that is easy to use & allows collaboration within teams without hindering the teams work

Track Progress

Automate Routine Task


Who We Are

Drutas is a task management system that carries appealing customer experiences to line up with fluctuating business needs

Our Vision

Our vision is to help the businesses run healthier and allows you to seamlessly combine Task management and privacy

Our Mission

Our Goal is to provide simplified task management to our clients and seamless communications within the Hybrid teams.



Drutas works like a Charm !! I love the ease of the platform and would strongly recommend purchasing this application to make teams works together privately.

John Sneddon

Software Developer

We are really thankful and appreciate the attention to details given and creative approach of the team Drutas in bringing the Hybrid teams together. You guys Rock !!

June Curl

QA Engineer

My life has become so much easier since I started using Drutas and now I don’t have to struggle any more to understand the task management at all I’m glad I bought Drutas

Joe James

Software Developer

Drutas is the best platform I’ve ever used to raise Tasks for the Remote teams. The factor that I can clone another task using an existing has been the most productive for us

Nick Johns

QA Analyst

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