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Timesheet is a document to track the time spent on a task or project, which can enhance efficiency, precision, and offer useful information about the work done. With this feature, team members can easily log the amount of time they spend on each task within a project. This function helps ensure that all team members are adhering to the schedule and completing their tasks within the assigned timeframe. Additionally, it provides vital insights into how much time is being allocated to each task, allowing project managers to identify areas that need improvement. 

The duration of the automated process will be determined by either of the two stages chosen by the user while creating a workflow from the stage panel of a project or from their personal project called “My Task.”

The system will perform two types of calculations:

  • The time spent on individual tasks in a project/workspace will be recorded by a timer that starts running when the Start & End stages are selected from the WF Stages, and this will initiate the calculation process,
  • The time taken by each resource individually.
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