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Workspace is a virtual environment that allows users to organize and manage their teams/projects, tasks, and related resources in a cohesive and structured manner. It serves as a central hub where team members can collaborate, communicate, and track progress on various teams/projects. The Workspace provides a framework for team members to work together efficiently, ensuring that all relevant information, discussions, and team/project-related data are easily accessible and well-organized.

You have the flexibility to create workspaces to organize your organization’s teams/projects effectively. Each workspace can include multiple teams, with a default team assigned during its creation. This enables collaborative work within the workspace. Workspaces can be categorized into different categories like HR, QA operations, Project Management, and Accounts, streamlining project management further. Depending on your organization’s needs, you can create multiple workspaces.

As a member of a team, you automatically become a member of the corresponding workspace for that project. This allows you to assign tasks to any team within the workspace, but you won’t have direct access to other teams unless you’re a member of those teams or workspace.

Searching for specific workspaces is made simple using the search tab, and workspaces can be marked as either primary or secondary based on their priority or level of importance. This versatility in organizing workspaces empowers you to tailor your project management approach to your organization’s unique requirements.


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