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System streams

What is a System Stream?

Workspace owners have the privilege of utilizing streams as a means to disseminate important information to users. These streams serve as a platform through which workspace owners can communicate details regarding various aspects such as team sprint plans, upcoming product releases, and other significant updates. By leveraging streams, workspace owners can ensure that relevant information reaches the intended audience effectively, facilitating better communication and keeping everyone informed about the latest developments within the workspace. This approach enhances collaboration and transparency by providing a centralized channel for conveying essential information to the members of the workspace.

How to create a stream?

  • You need to access the Workspace in which you hold a membership and select the dashboard button, highlighted below in the image:

  • Select the “Add Stream” button to unveil the section where you can commence composing the streams you intend to share with fellow users, highlighted in the below image:

  • Type the stream contents in the description body and you can share a stream with either all users or the team those who are part of the same workspace from where you’re posting the stream:


  • The distribution list on the left side of the page allows you to make a selection of the users. You can choose to share the stream with all users or all teams, or you can select a specific team(s) as highlighted below in the image:

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