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Automation using workflows

Workflow entails arranging tasks within a team, adhering to a predetermined path of execution. Workflow has been designed to automate task creation and enforce specific rules for a particular type of task in a team. The rules provide a means to efficiently automate the progression of tasks. Team members will have the ability to generate an endless array of workflows, each distinguished by domain types, mandatory fields, and the preferred sequence for task completion. 

Establishing consistent workflows for each task ensures that every team member follows the same process, leading to an improvement in quality and a reduction in errors. The Workflow will be segmented into the following features:

  1. Fundamental components (using the default template)
  2. Flow elements and return elements that determine task assignment and movement.

Every team will be assigned a Workflow by default, which you can modify according to your preference. Workflows have privacy settings categorized as Shared (available to all users of the company), Closed (limited to the workspace members), or Restricted (private to the team/project). Users have the option to modify the workflow visibility at the team level. 

The workflow Info carried in the task sidebar is divided into three parts, Internal, external and return flow elements.


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