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Task Approval Management:

The Approval functionality enables organizations to request approval for various tasks or initiatives, such as IT approval, project outlines, funding, and more. The approval request task is designed to consolidate all necessary information in a single location, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration between approvers and initiators.

Users with access to the task, such as followers, approvers, and the task assignee, can independently lock and unlock tasks. When locked, fields such as task name, description, and attachments become inaccessible for editing by users with access to the task.

Approval requests can be sent directly to individuals, projects, or teams. The approvers receive notifications of the task via email, in-app notification, and are indicated by the display of icons on the Task Grid. Approvers have the ability to review the request, leave comments, attach additional documents, and either approve or reject the request. 

Once a task is sent for approval, it will display an “Approval Initiated” status indicated by an approval icon in the grid. This feature can be utilized by organizations of any size to establish workflows for tasks that require approvals from multiple departments, while maintaining the confidentiality of the task’s associated content. This ensures that the task’s content remains secure and only visible to authorized parties throughout the approval process. 

Request task approval using task sidebar dropdowns:

  • Navigate to the Add task option in either your personal or a specific project.
  • Create a task and fill out all necessary information on the Task Sidebar, including a description of the task, any relevant attachments and save.
  • To review the created task, select the task from the recently viewed icons at the top.

  • Click on the approval icon situated within the settings gear icon on the task sidebar. 

  • Assign the task to the Approver using the assignment dropdowns. Then, mark the task as complete and forward it to proceed to the next approver, (as depicted in the image)   

  • Choose the method of assignment that best fits your needs: you can assign the task to a specific project or directly to an individual user.
  • Select the approver from the list of options.
  • Save your changes and submit the task for approval.
  • Wait for the approver(s) to review and either grant or reject the request.

How to grant an approval:

  • All members of the team/project and the approver, will have visibility of the approval request.
  • The Approver can access the approval request via email, in-app notifications, or from the project grid view.
  • The Approver can choose from one of the following actions on the request by selecting an option from the drop- down list and click save, as shown in the image below: 

  • If you choose to approve the request, additional attachments can be added to the task, post approval that can also be edited, a second description box will be made available as the original gets locked, as shown in the image below:

  • An approved icon will be displayed on the top right hand side of the task panel and an approval icon will also been seen in the task route, as seen below in the image:

  • Notes can also be added during this time, as highlighted below in the image:

  • Notifications will be sent to all parties involved in the approval process, visible both in the application and through email. Additionally, activity logs at the task and project levels will be updated to reflect the approval status.
  • If you receive an approval request and feel that you are not the right person to handle it, you can use the “reassign” option to forward the request to someone else who may be more suited.
  • It’s important to note that the reassignment option should only be used if you are unable to fulfill the request or if you feel that someone else would be better suited to handle it. If you are unsure about whether or not to reassign the request, you may want to consult with your supervisor or another relevant authority before making a decision.
  • After confirming the next assignee, notifications will be sent and you will have the opportunity to add comments during this time.
  • If you believe that a pre-approval is required before the final approval, you can select the recommend option. You will have the opportunity to add comments at this time, and notifications will be sent to those involved in the approval process. The approval status will be updated for all users.
  • If you choose to place the approval request on hold, notification will be sent to the initiator and approval status will be updated for the rest of the users.
  • By choosing to reject the approval request, it will be sent back to the person who initiated it. No further action is necessary at this time. Notifications will be sent to the creator of the approval and, if the previous assignee was a recommender, they will also be notified.
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