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Sign Up Process

User registration process:

Enroll with Drutas now to enjoy a smooth and flexible registration process. You have the flexibility to log into the Drutas platform either as a standard user or as an Admin by creating an organization directly through the platform’s account creation feature. The choice between a User or an Admin login depends on whether you’re logging in to perform regular user activities or if you need administrative control over a new organization that you’re creating on the platform.

Users can register on Drutas through four distinct methods:

  • Create account (organization known):

    • Utilize the “Create an Account” option on the platform if the organization is known to the user.
  • Create account (organization unknown):

    • Employ the “Create an Account” option on the platform if the organization is unfamiliar to the user.
  • Administrator invitations:

    • Receive an invitation from an administrator, simplifying the sign-up process.
  • Project/Team owners invitations:

    • Project or team owners can seamlessly add users from the team settings page, where approval is required.

Account creation (organization known):

  1. Navigate to the application’s sign-up page
  2. Enter the organization name that you know and provide your email address for future correspondence

  3. An email verification confirmation will be sent to the user.

Upon email verification, the admin will receive an approval notification. Once approved, the user will receive another email to validate their account and set up their profile.

Once the profile setup is successfully validated, the user will be directed to the Drutas “My Board” page.

Opting to create a new organization will redirect you to the Drutas platform with administrator access.

Account creation (organization unknown):

Follow these steps to register for the application and become an administrator of the organization you wish to create.

  1. Go to the application’s sign-up page
  2. Enter the company name
  3. Provide your email address for future communication
  4. Click on the “Get Started Now” button
  5. You will receive an email verification link
  6. Clicking on the verification link will prompt you to set up organizational page and user profile in order to access the application.

Administrator invitations:

  • As an administrator, you can invite users from the admin console’s “Manage User” page.

  • Simply click the “Invite User” button, enter the user’s email address, and click the “Invite User” button.

  • The user will receive an invitation through an email notification to join the Drutas platform.

Note: a user has a limited window of 3 days to log in to the application through the provided email invitation link.

Admin/Team owners invitation :

  • To add a user, administrators or team owners can navigate to the team settings page.
  • Select the team where you want to include the user as a member.
  • Click the settings icon to open the project/team sidebar,
  • Go to the members tab.
  • Click the “add user” icon, enter the user’s email, and send the invitation.

Upon admin approval of the user invitation, the user will receive an email notification to access the Drutas platform.

Note: if you have been invited by the admin to join a Drutas organization, and the invitation expires after 3 days, but the invite is not utilized and you attempt to create an account using the “create an account” from the login page of the platform will allow the user to establish a new organization or same organization with a fresh request. However if the bracket of 3 days invite has not expired, then the user will not be allowed to create a new organization or join any existing one using the same email id.
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