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Activity log

How to check user activity logs ?

You can access the user activity log through the user profile pop-up, which can be accessed from the “Manage User” page of the admin dashboard.  This action will direct you to the chosen user, and all activity logs will be visible of that user. You can also check the other user activities from the same page, selecting different actions available from the dropdown provided.  

You have three options for selecting user activities, which are available in the dropdown on the right side of the activity log page. These options include the last 7 days, last 30 days, and last one year. Additionally, you can manually choose a specific date by utilizing the custom option in the calendar pop-up.

The activity log icon is accessible through the user profile pop-up by clicking on the user’s name or email, or by using the triple dots. Any of these actions will open the user profile pop-up, where you’ll find the activity log icon, providing direct access to the user’s activity log.

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