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About workspace

Discover the power of Drutas, where you can effortlessly create and manage workspaces for your organization. Each workspace allows you to bring together multiple teams and is automatically assigned a default team for seamless collaboration. Tailor your workspaces to your organizational needs, whether it’s HR, QA operations, Project Management, Accounts, or other categories. No limitations on creating workspaces; you can have as many as needed to fit your organization’s requirements. As a team member, you become an automatic member of the associated workspace, streamlining your team/project workflows. Easily assign tasks within the workspace, ensuring secure data access by limiting direct entry to other teams. On the dashboard, stay informed with the total count of workspaces tasks and team members, making monitoring and organization effortless. With our user-friendly search tab, finding specific workspaces is a breeze. Mark workspaces as primary or secondary to prioritize effectively.

Experience the convenience of workspaces with Drutas – explore it today!

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