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Admin console

Admin console access:

The Admin Console in Drutas gives your organization additional authority to do things better and have more control. When you create an organization and log into the Drutas platform, you assume the role of an admin user. This dual role provides you with elevated privileges, enabling you to manage and control various aspects within the platform.

Additionally, you retain the status of a regular user, allowing you to access and utilize the platform’s features for your everyday tasks and collaboration. This two-in-one feature makes sure that, as an admin, you have the control to manage and improve how things work in the organization. At the same time, you can easily do your everyday tasks on the Drutas platform as a regular user..

Once you log in as an admin user, getting to the “Admin Console” page is easy — just click on the user profile icon, and then select the “Admin Console” button, as shown below:

The individual who creates the organization takes on the role of handling the admin console page. The admin console enables the addition of more administrators or the invitation of other users to join the application. Additionally, an admin has the ability to oversee users, the organization, check activity logs, and modify user roles. Besides user management, admins can also review the usage summary for the entire organization.


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