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Flow elements

Introduction to External Flow Elements:

In the Workflow setup, you have the option to include external flow elements, which can prove to be highly advantageous for automating the task transitioning process. This integrated feature streamlines the movement of tasks between different teams, ensuring a seamless task movements within the organization. Whether it’s a simple task or a complex project, this feature offers a versatile solution to streamline operations and drive productivity to new heights.

The process is simple yet powerful. When a task is created and assigned to a particular team or user, all members of that team gain the ability to contribute to the Workflow by adding flow elements. These flow elements act as connectors, enabling smooth handoffs of tasks from one team/project or users to another.

The flexibility of the system allows users to choose whether to add these flow elements directly through the Workflow settings page or through the task sidebar after the task has been created and assigned. This level of adaptability empowers teams to tailor their Workflow to suit their specific needs and preferences.

You have the flexibility to delegate or pass on the task to the originating Team as per the return element set up in the Workflow settings page. However, please note that the task can only be passed-on to the succeeding external flow elements.


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