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Task creation

Create tasks seamlessly within the platform:


This scenario illustrates how Drutas, an extensive project management and collaboration platform, can effectively streamline task creation through a centralized hub known as Collab Central.


Users from various teams want to submit requests in teams they are not members of, leveraging Drutas’ privacy features without the need to join those teams for task creation.


Enabling users to create tasks in teams where they are not members through Collab Central’s homepage offers several benefits:

  • Efficiency: users can initiate task creation without the need to join multiple teams, streamlining the process and saving time.
  • Integrity: Facilitates collaboration between users from different teams, promoting a more integrated and cooperative approach to project management.
  • Privacy: Maintains user privacy by avoiding unnecessary team memberships, ensuring task creation while respecting confidentiality.


John, a member of the Project Management (PM) team at XYZ Corporation, needs to initiate a task for the IT team to procure a new hardware. Traditionally, John would have to join the IT team or go through a convoluted process to convey his request. However, with Drutas Collab Central’s advanced feature, he can seamlessly accomplish this task without becoming a member of the IT team. With a few clicks, John effortlessly submits the task, which is seamlessly routed to the IT team.

Access to collab central:

An administrator can post information for all users through the dashboard in Collab Central. To access Collab Central’s homepage, simply click on the “Drutas Home” link, which will conveniently redirect you to the required workflows.

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