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Employee onboarding

Streamlining employee onboarding with Drutas:


The aim of this use case is to illustrate how Drutas, a comprehensive project management and collaboration platform, can be effectively utilized to enhance and streamline the employee onboarding process within an organization.


The HR department encounters difficulties in effectively handling the onboarding process as the volume of new hires grows. To address this, the department opts to introduce Drutas workflows, aiming to improve and simplify the onboarding experience for incoming employees.


  • Efficiency: improve coordination and communication among different departments involved in the onboarding process.
  • Consistency: minimize the risk of overlooking crucial onboarding steps involved.
  • Transparency: Enable HR and managers to track and monitor each employee’s onboarding journey.


The HR manager aims to streamline new employee onboarding by consolidating tasks into a unified workflow on Drutas. This involves collaboration with the HR, IT, and finance departments, all essential for a successful onboarding process. Using the Drutas application, the HR manager creates a workflow, initiating with HR tasks, followed by IT responsibilities, and concluding with the finance team managing the final steps. Additionally, the HR team may retain the option to loop the task back to them if needed.

Workflow Automation:

The HR Manager initiates the onboarding workflow in Drutas, assigning initial tasks to their team. As HR marks the task as completed, the workflow automatically progresses to the IT team, triggering the initiation of IT-related tasks. Following the IT team’s review and approval, the workflow seamlessly advances to the Finance Team, where financial tasks and approvals are managed. Upon the completion of their tasks, the Finance Team marks the entire process as successfully concluded, and the HR team finalizes the onboarding process as the task returns to them. This workflow automation in Drutas ensures a smooth, systematic, and efficient onboarding experience, allowing each team to seamlessly contribute to the overall process.

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