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Approval functionality helps in designing the approval request to capture and record all relevant information in one place for seamless collaboration. You can seek task level approvals where approvers can review, leave comments, add attachments, approve or reject the approval request. Different levels of organizations can use this feature to seek approval on invoices, project outlines, marketing initiatives, project purchase, HR seeking new hire or any other items that need a series of approvals from different departments. When you request for a Task approval, approvers will also get notified via email, drutas notification and Task Grid. Approvers can reach the approval request via email, notifications from where they can take the required action. Approval Tasks will be visible in assigned tasks of the initiator. You can send an approval request personally to a user, it can also be sent to a team or to a project as well. An approved tag will automatically be added when a task gets an approval. Tasks can also be controlled if an action has been taken by the current assignee by simply  deleting the approval status log. 

Steps to raise an approval request:

  • You need to select the approval icon from the task sidebar to raise an approval request as shown below:
  • Type of assignment can be chosen as per your convenience, it can either be a team, a project or we can also select a specific user to send approval personally:

Steps to grant an approval, or to choose a next approval assignee:

  • All project/team members including approval assignee can view and approve the request
  • Approval assignee will be able to view the approval request using email, drutas notification and task grid
  • Approval assignee can choose any one of the following action from the approval dropdown list, they can either choose an approval to be approved, rejected, reassign, recommended or approval can also stay on Hold:
  • If you choose to approve the request, additional attachments can be added to the task, post approval that can also be edited, a second description box will be made available as the original gets locked. An approved icon will be displayed on the top right hand side of the task panel. Notes can also be added during this time, notifications will be rolled out to those involved in the approval process. Activity logs at the task level/project level will be updated with the approval status.
  • You can forward the approval request to someone else by choosing to reassign, if you believe that you’ve chosen as a wrong assignee by the initiator. Once you confirm the next assignee, notification will be sent to those involved in the approval and you will be allowed to add comments during this time.
  • You can choose to recommend the approval request, if you believe that a pre approval is required prior to a final one.Comments can also be added during this time and notifications will be sent to those involved in the approval process and approval status will be updated for the rest of the users
  • If you choose to reject the approval request, the request will be returned to the initial originator of the approval request. No further action is required at this time, notification will be sent to the creator of the approval and if the previous assignee was a recommender, will also be notified.
  • If you choose to place the approval request on hold, notification will be sent to those involved in the approval and status will be updated for the rest of the users.
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