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Collab Central

Collab Central:

Collab Central operates as a central hub where organizational administrators can distribute essential content. Admin users can share critical content, embracing news, announcements, and an array of updates, meticulously designed to immerse all organization users in seamless awareness.  Only administrators will have the ability to post the information for the organization users. Consequently, users will have the capability to observe updates exclusively from administrators. Through Collab Central, users will be able to swiftly adopt flows to address recurring challenges. You can also create new tasks without needing to navigate to a different part of the platform. 

To access Collab Central’s homepage, simply click on the “Drutas Home” link, which will conveniently redirect you. Whatever admins posts from here will be shown to all users in read only mode.

Furthermore, when you click on the “recently viewed tasks” and select “read more,” it will directly transport you to the Collab Central dashboard.

Additionally, you can create new tasks without the necessity to navigate to a different section of the platform. This feature enhances user convenience and operational efficiency. The “Add task” option will open the task sidebar on the same page, providing users with the convenience of creating a task from within the same context.

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