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Manage organization

How to manage an organization?

Manage organization:

During the preliminary phase of account setup, you will be prompted to furnish the name of your organization. This designated name will subsequently be showcased within the organization tab, positioned on the right-hand side of the interface.

After logging in, you will be directed to the “Manage Organization” page, where you’ll encounter four types of icons: Users, Manage Organization, Roles and Permissions, and finally, User Activity Log, as shown below in the image:

Organization and Registered name:  the name of the “Organization” set up during the ID creation process will be visible in the initial tabs labeled as “Organization Name (Displayed Internally)” and “Registered Name.” Should any modifications be required, a user-friendly option is provided to alter the organization or registered name.

However, the “Organization Name (Displayed Internally)” will be visible in the profile setup as shown below in the image:

Operational team name: the default name for the operational team will be displayed as “Team.” You have the option to modify this team name, which will appear throughout the application as the main heading for the teams, as shown below in the image:


Industry type: located on the right side of the admin console page, you will discover a choice to modify the industry type. This choice will be presented during the account setup, and the chosen industry type will be visible in the admin console page under the industry type section. Clicking the dropdown menu will reveal a selection of available options:

Contact name: You have the option to establish the contact name and can submit the changes whenever desired:



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