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Customize your team view with team filters to enhance your productivity !

Drutas team filters help you efficiently find specific tasks and boost productivity by allowing you to customize and save default filters with easy access from the team grid.

Default filters:

How to edit a default/existing filter?

The default team filters are immediately available when a new team is created, offering a streamlined starting point for effective task management.

To access the team filters page, select a team to display all default filters at the top; click any filter to view it in the filters list on the right side, then click the edit icon to customize the filter as per your requirements and options provided in the filter popup, you can now save the filter from the same position for easy access.
Selecting a default filter and edit icon highlighted below in the image:

By default, the teams grid will display five predefined filters: assigned, all tasks, ownership, delegated, and archived placed as per below sequence.

All default filters can be customized, but the names of the these filters cannot be changed. While the “Assigned” filter’s position is fixed, the positions of other filters can be re-arranged and placed after the assigned filter.

How to rearrange filter positions:

Apart from the fixed ‘Pending Approvals’ and ‘Assigned’ filters, you can change the position of other filters in the team grid by selecting the “Show on Board” toggle and assigning a position number from the dropdown. The new filter position will be placed after the assigned filter.

The show on board filter position toggle has been highlighted below in the image:

The “Assigned” filter’s position is fixed, the new filters can be placed after it, and default filters can be rearranged or replaced with new ones, with the displaced default filters moving under the filter list. For example, if you replace the “All Tasks” filter, it will move to the filter list, and the new filter will take its place. The number on top of each filter icon shows the count of tasks under that filter.

Dynamic Filter:

In addition to the default filters, there is a dynamic “Pending Approvals” filter that appears only when you receive an approval request which is awaiting your decision. The pending approval filter icon will appear just before the assigned filter and will automatically disappear once a decision has been made on the pending approval request. The pending approval location and icon has been highlighted in the below image:

You can also create custom filters to view specific dashboards. For example, to see all high-priority tasks assigned to you, customize the filter by selecting the assignee and priority options, then save it. The dashboard will then display a graphical view based on your selected filters.

Creating new filters:

Newly created team filters can be added and brought to the team grid for easy access. You can create new filters to customize task views to your specific requirements. This allows you to tailor your task management experience, ensuring you focus on what matters most and streamline your team’s progress.

How to create a new filter:

  • Select a team from the teams list
  • On the team grid page, click on the “Add Filter” icon located on the right side of the page, shown below in the image:

  • A new filter pop-up will open, enabling you to select criteria like stages, assignees, priority, tags, task icons, approvals, assigned by, and include incomplete, complete, overdue tasks, and tasks with or without due dates.
  • You can save and edit filters, conveniently listed in the quick filters dropdown on the right side of the team dashboard, allowing you to name your filters, as highlighted below in the image:

Quick Filters:

To customize the existing team grid filters you can click any one of them from the team grid that you wish to save as a quick team filter. You can also select the show on board toggle to place the filter in the team grid. 

You can also update the filters as per your requirement, like you can update the filters to view tasks with specific stages, assignee and its priority. You can also select task type icons to view tasks as per the icon selection and you can customize the filter view selecting the columns that you want to list from the “customize view” as shown below in the image:

You are not allowed to change the filter names, for the default filters, no filter options will be pre selected, but you can choose from the available options in the filter to customize as per your requirement. 

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