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How to Skip a Stage

With Drutas, skipping a stage hides it from the task sidebar and team grid, allowing focus on essential stages for specific tasks. You can skip stages either from the Workflow settings page or directly in the task sidebar.

To skip a stage from your Workflow, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Workflow settings page and find the stage panel.
  • Hover over the stage you wish to skip, an eye icon will appear.
  • Click on the eye icon. It will change to a crossed eye, indicating that the stage has been skipped.

To skip stages in your task sidebar, follow these steps:

  • Open a task sidebar 
  • Go to the workflow elements panel towards the bottom of the task 
  • Hover over the stage you wish to skip, an eye icon will appear

Skipping a stage from the task sidebar has been shown in the below image:

Some Important information for Skipping Stages

  • Skipping a Stage from Workflow settings

You are not allowed to skip the initial and final stage from the Workflow settings page

  • Appearance of Skipped Stages:

In the Task sidebar, skipped stages will not appear in the stages dropdown menu or in the task grid.

  • Current Stage Skipping:

You cannot skip the stage where a task is currently located.

  • Assignee Visibility:

For all skipped stages, the assignee’s name will be hidden.

  • Un-skipping Stages:

If you un-skip a previously skipped stage, it will become visible again, and the previously assigned user will be re-displayed.

  • Skipping in My Tasks:

Skipping stages does not apply to My Tasks, whether from the task sidebar or the Workflow settings page.

  • Auto Stage Toggle for Incoming Stages

When the auto stage toggle is enabled and the first stage is skipped, the incoming stage marker will automatically move to the next visible stage.

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