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Defining Stages of a Team

At Drutas, our team stages display the current status of tasks, serving as specific milestones that clarify goals and criteria for task completion. As a team owner you can customize the default assignee for each stage using the workflow stage panel, as shown below:

Task assignees or followers can adjust stages in the task sidebar to track progress. To update the task stage use the stage dropdown in the task assignment details panel of the task sidebar, as shown below.

By default, three stages—To Do, In Progress, and Complete—are available, however you can add more stages in a team.

To add more stages, follow these steps:

  • As a team owner, you can click “Add New Stage” in the stage panel of the Workflow settings page or directly in the team settings sidebar and name the stage accordingly, as shown below:

  • Clicking the minus button will let you delete the stage name. You can confirm this by clicking the green check mark.
  • You can also delete a stage if needed, icon has been shown below

Some important information on the team stages:

  • Auto Select/Incoming Stage Toggle:

By default, the auto-select toggle button is enabled, which automatically assigns the first stage to any new task within a team, shown below in the image:

To customize the initial stage, you need to disable the auto-select toggle and choose the desired stage from the incoming stage drop-down menu, as shown below:

  • Default Assignee:

You can assign a specific assignee to each stage, and changing the stage will automatically update the task’s assignee. It is important to note that the default assignee for the incoming stage is identical to the default assignee for the Workflow.

  • Rearranging the Stage

You can arrange the stages by utilizing the drag and drop down functionality found in the Team settings sidebar. These changes will be immediately seen  in the Stage panel of the WF settings page

  • Reserved Stages:

When editing the stage, you are not allowed to use the words “delegated” and “completed” as they are reserved stage names

  • Completed Stage:

You’re not allowed to delete the last stage, “Completed,” since it is the final stage, but you can rename it using the edit icon.


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