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Adding a project/team member:

Experience seamless team expansion with our “Add Team Members” feature. Easily add project/team members, search for specific members, and adjust member roles based on project/team requirements. 

How to add team members in the team settings page?

  • Click on “Add User” icon, located on the right hand side of the Members page.

  • After adding a new member, the username will appear in red, indicating that admin approval is required for onboarding. 

  • You can change the member’s role using the role dropdown from the top while adding the team member or it can be done when the member has already been added.

  • Adding existing members will be listed in the user dropdown, you can allocate the user role accordingly. 

Member Roles:

You can add members as either collaborators or owners in the team settings. Collaborators have limited rights compared to team owners. 

Collaborators have limited rights compared to team owners. The only difference is that collaborators cannot “add, edit, or delete a Stage”. All other rights remain the same.

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