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How to create a team

Who can create a Team?

A team or workspace owner can create a team either from the teams grid or the workspace settings page. To create a team from the teams grid, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Teams/Projects tab, as highlighted below in the image:

  • Click on the add teams button, as shown below:

  • Enter the team name and choose a workspace from the dropdown menu to link it with your team. Hit the create button:

  • Upon creating the Team/Project, a team sidebar will be opened, allowing you to change team name, code, workspace, add stage, workflows and its members:

  • By default there will be three stages that will be configured automatically i.e. (To Do, In Progress and Completed). Additional stages can be added or deleted as per the team/project requirement, as shown below in the image:

In addition to configuring a Team/Project, the team settings page provides detailed explanations to help you optimise your team’s setup efficiently and effectively.

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