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Task creation is a feature that allows you to assign work to team members, set deadlines, track progress, add tags, remove due dates, and communicate through task comments. The comments feature allows you to utilize emojis to express yourself and infuse personality into your tasks. With task creation, you can effectively allocate work, set clear expectations, and stay organized, helping your team to work more efficiently and effectively. You can use this feature to manage a wide range of tasks, from simple to-do items to complex teams, and track their progress from start to finish. It is a valuable tool for improving communication, collaboration, and productivity within a team.

The task creation feature is a vital functionality that empowers you to distribute tasks using Workflows, providing options to delegate them as a default or pass them on to another team or user. It also allows you to transfer the task ownership with or without external flow elements added within the Workflows using the settings page. Within the task sidebar, you also have the capability to delete or modify the external flow elements that have been added in the Workflow settings page of the Team.


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