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How to delegate a task

Delegate a Task

You can either pass on or delegate a task to another project. Tasks can only be delegated or passed on to projects or to a specific user . By default, the ‘delegate icon’ will be the selected option when you switch from user icon to project icon from the dropdown as shown below:

You can also change the delegated option to be passed on prior saving the task assignment.

How to Delegate a task:

When delegating a task, you can choose to have it completed by the next assignee and then returned to you (the creator). The task will also be locked for you once it has been delegated. Assignee field and stage of the task gets locked but other fields remains open for you. If you feel that you wish to revert the changes that you made to the ticket you can retract the task by clicking the retract button from the top right hand side as shown below in the image:

If you’re delegating a task from a project, by default it will be assigned to the default assignee of that project, you can choose to assign the task to any other member of the same project, from the drop down selection. By delegating a task, it will be returned to the original project/task creator once it is completed:

If you decide to delegate a task from your project to another project, it will be listed in the “All Tasks” dropdown menu.”
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