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Email based task creation

Drutas now enables you to create tasks directly from your personal email.

Once you navigate to the Workflow settings page within a team/project and select the ‘Create Task via Email’ checkbox (shown below in the first image), Drutas generates a unique and editable email address (shown below in the second image) associated with that specific workflow. This email address is designed to receive task creation requests directly from your email inbox.

Now, when you click on the generated link, you’ll see an editable email address displayed. You can copy this email address.

When you want to create a task via email, simply compose a new email in your email and paste the copied email address into the recipient field. You can also fill in the email subject line and the body with the details of the task you want to create.

The information provided in the email will be automatically incorporated into the created task. Once you send the email, Drutas will receive it and automatically convert the email content into a task within the designated workflow, making task creation seamless and efficient.

You can find the tasks created by navigating to the “All Tasks” option within that team/project dashboard. This ensures that all tasks, regardless of their creation method, are easily accessible and managed within the appropriate context.

You can also choose to send an acknowledgment email to the sender. This option is available on the same page where you created the email name, located in the Workflow settings page.

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