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How to create a task

Task can be created either personally:

  • Using the “my task” OR
  • From the “projects tab” to be given to a specific team
  • My task is present on the left side of the home page. It shows the tasks which have been assigned to the user. 
  • It also includes the user’s personal tasks. 
  • The user can also assign tasks from this section. The Help section and the archive section are also present on the top.
  • After clicking on ‘Add Task’, a new dialogue box opens. The user can assign tasks on behalf of himself or on behalf of the teams of which he is a part of. The user can assign tasks to an individual, projects or teams. 
  • The user/assigner can either delegate or pass on the task. In delegated tasks, the user/assigner can choose to delegate a task, which upon completion by the assignee will be assigned back to the assigner (Task will return). This also denotes that the task will be locked for the assigner once delegated. 
  • The assigner can also choose to pass on the task to the assignee. This ensures that the task doesn’t show up in his task portal and he won’t be notified upon the task completion. 
  • The user should set the name of the task, define the current stage from the 3 options available (To-Do, In Progress and Completed). The user should also define the priority of the task from the options available (Low, Medium, High and Highest). The due date of the task should also be defined otherwise the default due date is already defined. 
  • Though not compulsory, we also have the option to add tags to the task. Tags are a way to filter the task so as to distinguish it from others on the basis of the department, priority etc.  We can assign multiple tags to a single task. 
  • We can explain briefly about the task in the description section, add attachments in the tasks which may be relevant for the task completion. The ‘Sub Tasks’ and ‘Linked Tasks’ features are still in their development stages. We can add comments to the task and have the option to add media from the computers in the comment section as well. 

On the top right corner of the dialog box, we have various options like to bookmark this particular task, copy the task to the Clipboard, delete and archive the task from the settings, the Help option, the maximize option and the Collapse option


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