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Team Privacy

Unleash the full potential of your team’s collaboration with tailored access controls!

This page dives into the team privacy and permissions settings in Drutas, showing you how to control who can access and take action within your projects/teams. See the table below for a quick overview:

Default Team Privacy:

By default a team and its workflow has been set to closed. This means that the team’s activities and information are restricted to its workspace and team members only not the entire organization

Note that project privacy settings are directly linked to the privacy setting of the Workflow.

Changes made to the Workflow settings will impact the privacy settings of the associated Team or Project. Direct modifications to Team or Project privacy are not allowed.

Even if you choose to change the Workflow privacy from closed to shared, it will directly affect the team’s privacy as well. The team’s privacy will be set to shared, and both the team and its shared workflow will appear in dropdowns two and four of the task assignment details, making them visible to all organization members, as highlighted below in the image:

Shared Privacy

A shared project or team privacy setting grants access to all organizational member. Anyone can create and send tasks to shared teams and shared workflows. 

Closed Privacy:

A closed project or team privacy settings grant access to all Workspace members and the members of any teams linked under that Workspace.

Restricted Privacy:

Restricted project or team privacy settings grant access exclusively to team members, meaning only they will be able to view the project, team, or workflow in the task assignment details.

How to change the Privacy settings:

To change the workflow privacy, go to the team settings page and select the Workflow page. Click on the Workflow you want to modify. Hover over the Workflow ‘i’ icon and click to open the pop-up. From there, use the Privacy dropdown to adjust the settings as needed.

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